Women's Missionary Prayer Group

The ladies of our church meet the 3rd Thursday of the month at 1pm in the Fellowship Hall.  They develop fundraisers, such as the church yard sale and the Buckeye Candy sales to provide money for missionary projects here in our community and around the world.  You are welcome to stop in and join us.

Sunday Morning Worship Service

Join us for our regular Sunday Morning Worship service and Sunday School.  You are welcome to come if you feel safe in doing so.  If you feel you need to stay home, please watch our Worship service on our Facebook page. 

Sunday School starts at 9:15, we have an adult class as well as youth and children's Sunday School. .

Our Worship service starts at 10:15 beginning with music with our Worship Team then a message by Pastor Art.

Please join us to worship the Lord.

Wednesday Night Bible Study

Fulton Creek Church has Wednesday Night Bible Study groups at the church at 7pm.  There is a group for the men, another for the ladies as well as a group for the younger ladies.  Come and join us in a thoughtful study of God's word and prayer time.