Here at Fulton Creek Friends Church we are experiencing a time of doing things differently because of the Coronavirus.  I have heard differng opinoins on what this is all about from end time prophecy being fulfilled to a strong warning from God for America.  However you feel about what we are currently going through I feel a great use of our time, maybe for some of you some extra time you haven't had before, is to ask God to 'examine our hearts' Psalm 139:23-24 so we can be people who are leaning into our relationship with God allowing it to become more than ever before in our lives.

All our services and events here at the church are cancelled until further notice.  We can still have our devotions daily, invest in our individual lives and be about building the Kingdom.  So until we meet again, or for the first time, here at the church or out in the byways of life or in Heaven, if you are a child of God, take in with joy what God is teaching each of us during this time.


Pastor Pete

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Courageously on the Future as we serve Christ, evangelizing and making Disciples for His glory.

  June 2020  
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